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Chocolate Almond Body Butter

Cacao is known for delighting the taste buds of lovers of all things sweet for centuries! What is relatively unknown is its benefits in skin care.
Cocoa butter is more widely known for its moisturizing and healing properties but when you add the chocolate extract to the mix you are introducing a highly beneficial spectrum of skin loving minerals including magnesium. For an added benefit, you get to enjoy the aromatherapy of delicious chocolate as you slather on this body butter!

Chocolate Almond Body Butter

Cocoa butter ½ oz
Sweet almond oil 2 tbsp
Coconut oil 2 oz
Beeswax ½ oz
Mineral water 2 oz
Lemongrass essential oil* 1 tsp
Chocolate ( Cacao) extract 2 drops
Peppermint essential oil* ½ tsp

1.In a stainless-steel saucepan, melt the beeswax and cocoa butter with the coco-nut oil over low heat.

2. Mix in the mineral water with a wooden spoon.

3.Remove from heat and keep stirring.

4.When the mixture gets to room temperature, stir in the essential oils and extract until mixture is smooth.

5.Keep shaking cream until the mixture is cooled completely as this will ensure that the oil and water do not separate.

6.Use a dark jar or store jar in a dark place to protect the essential oils from light.

*Essential oils are highly potent and should be used with care. Follow all safety precautions from manufacturer when using essential oils. Please consult physician before extensive use of essential oils.

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