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Makeup Tip – Creases, No More!

This makeup tip is for those of us who have problems with creasing, especially around the mouth and our expression lines. If you ever find yourself wearing a tinted moisturizer or even your foundation, and you notice that throughout the day as you speak, as you laugh or even as you smile, the makeup around your mouth begins to crease. The best way to combat that is by using a eye shadow primer. The one that I like to use is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula. Now the premise of the eye shadow primers is that of course you would use it on your eyes to stop your eye shadows from creasing. It performs the same function for us who deal with our foundation creasing around the mouth, you would apply a small amount by taking it on your finger and dab it into the areas that you’re having problems with creasing.

Of course you want to make sure you do it on both sides and then allow that to sit and dry for a few minutes. Once that has dried, you can go ahead and use your favorite beauty blender or even your favorite foundation brush and apply your foundation accordingly. Once that is completed your foundation around your mouth will not crease at all.

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