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“My hair is natural and I wanted to go from curly to straight so I ordered the Brilliant Shine Hair Kit Deluxe. I loved it! I was able to easily comb through my hair after washing it. I added no products prior to blow drying and it still looked great. The top left photo is my hair when I just wet and go. (No Janelle products used here) The bottom left is my hair after blow drying. The right photo is my hair after using the serum and flat iron.”

Cythina Barnette

“I currently have a relaxer with maybe 1-2 inches of new growth. I am just getting started in the new growth transition. My last relaxer was a few months ago. I’ve already purchased and used the Brilliant Shine deluxe kit. It worked great and I flat ironed my hair. It wasn’t as straight as I would have liked but it’s probably time to upgrade my flat iron. The one thing I did notice is that I typically have some scaly dandruff and itchiness 3-4 days after every wash. It’s been a week and nothing! I even did yard work for a few hours today and sweat my hair out. Still no itchy scalp. So I know that’s attributed to the products. My question is: I know I have a longggg way to go to transition but my plan is to use the Janelle products and wear a roller set instead of flat ironing with every weekly wash. Do you have any advice on how to use the products or if there are certain products I should concentrate on to promote hair growth so I can get to the place where I can cut off the relaxed hair? (Sorry for the long comment).”

Veronica Bruce

“I am a first time user turned forever customer of Janelle Beauty products! This is the first time I have been able to achieve a salon quality look at home. My hair is so soft, smooth and shiny and feels and smells great! It didn’t flatten my hair too much and I still have body and bounce! I have not had a relaxer in 30 years. My hair looks like freshly relaxed hair with this product even though this product isn’t a chemical and is all natural! I have not been to the salon in a year and have been wearing protective styles and my natural curl. Then yesterday I tried this and it looked like I never missed a beat on my typical salon routine! Try it for yourself!!”

Yvette Williams

“Let’s start by saying I LOVE my natural hair and I went through the long process of getting my hair rid of chemical relaxers. I haven’t worn my hair straight in about 2 years because I was even wary of applying heat to my hair. I am THAT committed to protecting my hair. Due to some coaxing, I gave this product a try since it wasn’t permanent. OMIGOSH……I loved it!! I loved how my hair felt and I loved the shine! I had a hairdresser do my hair but going forward I believe I can do my own flat-iron. The biggest takeaway for me, is that I now have the flexibility to wear my hair straight or coily without the concern of damaging my hair. I used the High Trace Hair Wash with the Moisturizing Conditioner and the Virgin Serum.”


“I love everything about the Janelle Beauty natural curl care line. My hair is colored so I have such an appreciation for the use of natural oils and moisturizers. Especially in the serum! It feels like real coconut! Not to mention that it smells absolutely amazing. As a stylist I look for products that I would send home with my clients and this is it! The curl detangler and lotion left my hair feeling super soft and moisturized until the next day. The gel was one of my favorites too because the formula wasn’t messy and it was super easy to work through my curls without that dry crunch that gels often have. I would recommend this product to anyone that cares about their hair 10/10!”

Zhanae Payne

“This shampoo just de-stresses and refreshes me every single time. It makes wash day something to look forward to honestly. The scent and amazing sensation of the mint revitalizing your scalp is enough to wash your worries away as you simultaneously cleanse your hair. It’s a spa in a bottle! Followed by the Shine conditioner just makes this an overall blissful experience. Healthy hair and refreshed soul. Simply the best.”


I recently purchased your products and started trying them on Sept. 3rd. First off, my purchase was shipped and delivered Perry swiftly, so that was awesome. Secondly, the customer support has been great! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m very grateful for the step by step treatment plan that I have received from you. I’ve only completed week one and have been pleased thus far. I look forward to more great weeks ahead with your products as I make the big “transition” from perm to natural. I really hope all goes well.

Thank you so much for all the assistance and your patience thus far. I’m truly grateful.

Thank you,
Timesa Perry

“WOW!!! AWESOME!! Brought this duo pack and am very pleased! I have very wavy hair and when the humidity gets to it, it’s a wrap! My hair still has the waves when some humidity hits it, but I think (and mom says it all the time lol) that my waves aren’t going anywhere no matter what I try to do lol. But I will say that I do believe the products have tremendously cut down the poofiness that comes with humidity and my hair is still straight, shiny and sleek days after! And the customer service!! Exceptional! They answer all concerns and questions in a timely manner! Al service & products! A winner in my book!! Will be letting my friends know about these wonderful products!!!”

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  1. Can this product be used with a perm in your hair? Do you have to let the perm grow out first before use?
    1. Hi Effie! Our products are specifically designed for those transitioning from chemically treated hair to natural, so you do not have to wait to use our products.
        1. Hi Phyllis! We recommend our Brilliant Shine Deluxe Kit for those transitioning from perm to natural hair. It'll give you the straight look you want with no worry about chemical damage.
  2. I haven't had a perm in 15 years are you telling me I can go from curly to straight whereas it looks like a perm, I sweat in my hair terribly
    1. Hi Yolanda! Yes, that's exactly what we are telling you! Our Brilliant Shine Deluxe Kit will allow you to wear your hair straight without worrying about heat or chemical damage. For those who battle sweating their style out or humidity, we recommend using a little extra of our Virgin Coconut Serum.
  3. Love! Love the product. It made you curly kinky hair more manageable from curly to straight. And Straight back to curly. Beautiful shine in both stages. Love it..... I am sold.
    1. Hi Dawn! It works great on short hair! We have quite a few customers who use it and have short hair.
    1. Hi Margaret! We recommend our Brilliant Shine Standard Kit for those with gray hair. It'll give you the look you want, without damaging your hair or yellowing your color. https://shop.janellebeauty.com/collections/brilliant-shine/products/janelle-beauty-brilliant-shine-hair-kit
  4. Does this last from wash to wash or more like the Brazilian blowout that last a few months straight?
    1. Hi Deborah! Our products do not chemically change your hair, so it will last until your next wash day.
  5. Is there a special Flat Iron recommended for straightening my Course Hair? I have been wearing twist for 5 yrs now. What products do you suggest to start out?
    1. Hi Karen! We recommend our Brilliant Shine Deluxe Kit for those wanting to wear their hair straight without worrying about heat or chemical damage.
  6. I used your product to go from curly to straight. It all went well until I went for a walk on a clear day and my hair went frizzy.Can I reapply the serum and flat iron it again without damaging my hair ? I really love how soft and shiny my hair became, but I don't like the frizz.

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