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How to Apply the Janelle Beauty Brilliant Shine Hair Mask

STEP 1 – Part dry hair in 4 sections.

TIP: Pour hair mask into small bowl for easier application.

STEP 2 – Partition hair off into four sections.

TIP: If you have have an applicator brush use the to make this process easier.

STEP 3 – Using your fingers, apply the mask from roots to end. Let sit for 20 minutes.

TIP: Apply Brilliant Shine Hair Mask with applicator brush from roots to ends
TIP: You can dampen your hair to allow the mask to apply more evenly
TIP: Do not to leave mask on longer than recommended times, to avoid protein overload.

STEP 4 – Rinse and wash with the your favorite hair wash. We recommend you use Janelle Beauty’s High Trace Mineral Smoothing Hair Wash.

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