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How to Apply the Janelle Beauty Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Hair Serum

With the Janelle Beauty® Virgin Coconut Hair Serum, we have created a blend of oils to maximize protection and nourishment. A side-effect is optimal frizz control against the onslaught of humidity to keep your smooth style longer.

Using this product also protects your hair from the intense heat of a flat iron during the hair straightening process.

This product, when used with the flat iron, will seal your hair with a protective protein coating that repairs damaged hair while protecting hair from heat.

How to Apply:

STEP 1: After you have washed and conditioned your hair, pour a dime sized amount of the hair serum into the palm of your hand. A little goes a long way, this should be enough to cover your entire head of hair.

STEP 2: Massage through your hair thoroughly, from roots to ends.

TIP: In humid temperatures, you can significantly increase the amount you use. Hair may appear thin after flat-iron application, but it will fill out to a normal bounce once it is exposed to the humid air.

TIP: For best results, blow-dry your hair thoroughly after you apply the serum. We recommend using a comb attachment. This helps to really dry the roots and enhances the hair straightening process.

STEP 3: Apply heat styling tool to achieve a straight smooth style without worry of hair damage.

TIP: Add more Serum as needed when applying the flat iron.

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