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Rice Protein vs Quinoa Protein? You Won’t Believe who Wins the Hair Growth War!

If you pay any attention at all to the haircare scene you’ve heard of using rice water to achieve longer and stronger hair. Quinoa water on the other hand is not as well-known so there has not been the same buzz related to the potential benefits of Quinoa protein.  This article will explore the benefits of rice and quinoa proteins for the hair and in promoting hair growth. At the end of it, we will see if there is a clear winner in the war between rice protein and quinoa protein.

Everyone has tried or knows someone who has tried rice water and many people have seen the benefits of this hair treatment. Some people, however, have either not experienced any significant change in the rate of their growth or worse, have experienced some negatives from the treatment. Rice water can make your hair and scalp drier, a consequence of excess protein being present in the rice water. This has to be carefully balanced with deep conditioning treatments or breakage may occur.  This doesn’t make rice water a bad treatment, coconut oil has a similar impact on some individuals due to its ability to bind the protein to the hair. The key is to be aware of potential side effects and take steps to mitigate them.

Rice Protein vs Quinoa Protein

Hair is made of many things, chief among them is a protein called keratin, which makes up about 95% of the structure of the hair. This is why protein plays such an important role in the health of our hair and why product manufacturers include various types of proteins in their products. Rice protein and quinoa protein are both common ingredients in many of the products we use today.

Rice Protein

  • Natural alternative to volumizing agents
  • Improves manageability of hair
  • Increases shine
  • Strengthens hair
  • Smooths hair
  • Aids in detangling
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Promotes hair growth

Quinoa Protein

  • Treats dandruff
  • Nourishes hair
  • Increases shine
  • Strengthens hair
  • Conditions hair
  • Improves curl definition 
  • Repairs damaged hair      
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Strengthens the hair follicles
  • Attracts moisture to the hair

Both proteins provide similar benefits but its ability to attract moisture to hair, in my opinion gives quinoa the edge and should, at least in theory, minimize the risk of hair becoming brittle from use.

Rice Water v Quinoa Water

The method of preparation is the same for both treatments and you’ll encounter the problem of an unpleasant odor with both.  You also apply both treatments in the exact same way.

You will need:

¼ cup of quinoa or rice (any variety will do)

1 – 1.5 cup Water

Mason jar with cover

Step by step

  • Wash your rice to get rid of any debris. Quinoa does not need to be washed
  • Place rice or quinoa in a mason jar and add water
  • Cover the jar and let sit for 2-3 days

To use:

  • Poor water into an applicator or spray bottle
  • Apply product onto hair and scalp and massage in
  • Cover hair with a shower cap and let sit for about an hour

It is your choice to use your treatment before or after you shampoo your hair. Be sure to deep condition the hair after treatment to prevent any stiffness. Some people apply treatment to hair daily for 5-7 days before washing, however, if it is your first time, it may be best to use the treatment only on wash day and assessing how your hair responds.

Both rice and quinoa proteins are beneficial ingredients for the hair and the fermented water treatments may help strengthen hair and promote growth. Though both proteins provide similar benefits, the conditioning and moisturizing benefits of quinoa give it the edge over rice in my opinion, but why not do your own little experiment? Divide your hair in two from front to back and treat one side with rice water and the other with quinoa water. Then compare your results and decide which protein wins the war when it comes to your hair. The mission is yours, should you choose to accept it and we cannot wait to hear all about your results!

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