Once upon a Time

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and that is exactly what led to the conception of Janelle Beauty. It was not in my life plan to start a beauty company. It was not even a thought on my mind. It was born out of necessity and a gap in the market for the products I needed.

original products back in 2007

My life was interrupted by an ailment that led me on a journey to health and wholeness. That journey led to a new world of beauty products that quickly got complicated when my focus turned to my hair.

As a woman of color, finding the right products that were Efficacious and High-quality was no easy feat.

However, I was determined to get what I needed even if it meant creating it myself. And that in a nutshell, was how Janelle Beauty was born.

You can read more about the Janelle Beauty Story in the Janelle Beauty Book.

About the author

Anika Janelle

Anika Janelle

Founder and CEO of Janelle Beauty. Anika is a serial entrepreneur who is also the founder of a multi-media technology company, a publishing company and multiple clothing and lifestyle companies. She is most passionate about her family and a lover of God.

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