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Gifted Hands – The black woman’s complicated relationship with her stylist.

Have you met Jasmine yet?  She’s my stylist for the past 10 years and she is my rock!  As a black woman, my relationship with my hair is complicated as it is…but much more so, is my relationship with the one I entrust to style my hair!  She is much more than a stylist, she’s a listening ear, a confidante, a stern voice “girl you need to trim those ends!” and a praying friend! 

She was there when I was pregnant with Janelle and could only eat hot dogs and stink up her chair!  She used all my work-in-progress products on my hair as I tried out new concoctions, and she gave her honest opinions.  She is also the one who almost fainted, when I told her to chop it all off into this short fancy style I saw on the internet since I barely let her trim my ends!

Through it all, her gifted hands have been a blessing in my life, and I cannot wait for the new adventures that await.   Shhhhhhh! 

I honor you my dear friend!  #JBStylist1 #JBHonorYourStylist

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Anika Janelle

Anika Janelle

Founder and CEO of Janelle Beauty. Anika is a serial entrepreneur who is also the founder of a multi-media technology company, a publishing company and multiple clothing and lifestyle companies. She is most passionate about her family and a lover of God.

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