5 Foods That Taste Great and Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss and eating healthy has always had the stigma that you must eat foods that have no taste,  or just taste terrible. We are left with the notion that celery and pureed broccoli is all we can consume  in order to be healthy and trim.

The fact of the matter is: you don’t need to starve  yourself in order to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Nor do you have  to stomach that wheat grass juice any longer. Truth be told – eating minimal amounts of food, with the intention of losing weight, will actually do more harm than good. Your body will cling on to those pounds of fat when it recognizes you are starving it.

If you are tired of all the new age diets that tell you what to eat, then get ready for something you can sink your teeth into – literally!

Here’s a list of 5 great tasting foods that not only taste good,  but will help you lose weight:


Yogurt is a must if you plan on losing weight. It’s rich in probiotics and keeps your intestines healthy. It’s also rich in calcium. Studies have shown that low fat calcium can help burn calories. Yogurt contains the low fat calcium your body needs.


Eggs are associated with high cholesterol and fat. Granted, they aren’t the healthiest option you can choose in the fridge, but when it comes to pure protein power, few are stronger than eggs. The protein found in an egg will not only help build lean muscle, it will also keep the munchies away. Eggs make you feel full for a longer period of time thanks to all that protein, and people who eat e eggs for breakfast are shown to cut out mid-day snacks that can turn into fat.

Green Tea

Tired of choosing water or diet sodas with your meals? Replace them with green tea.

Green tea isn’t the best at burning calories. But when it comes to other drinks, it’s your best option. It tastes good. It doesn’t contain any nasty sugars or other fat producing products. It does however speed up your metabolism, which in turn, helps to burn fat.


Watermelon  (and melons in general) contain loads of body saving anti-oxidants. This low calorie fruit also has a high density of water, which makes the stomach feel full. The anti-oxidants inside will also help release excess water tension.

Healthy Fast Food

Dieting and eating healthy doesn’t have to include cutting out all fast foods. Yes, most should not be looked at for fear of gaining weight. But there are still a few choices if you’re short on time. Or just don’t feel like cooking.

Most of Subway and Quiznos menu is a healthy choice. Subway has a decent selection of subs, all under 6 grams of fat and low in calories. Quiznos also offers some tasty sandwiches with low calorie options. The trick is to skimp on the toppings. Stay away from the high caloric mayonnaise and other high in fat toppings.

Believe it or not – McDonalds also does offer a salad that’s just under 300 calories without any dressing. Their Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad is the best choice, if you’re in a rush and need a quick, low caloric meal.

These foods, along with many others, not only taste great, but help you lose weight. No longer do you need to starve your body and introduce what most of us would call a weed into your system. Eating smart just got a whole lot tastier.

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