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How to Make the Most Delicious Unicorn Toast!

The unicorn trend has been on the scene for a while now and I, for one, am all for finding any excuse to embrace the unicorn within. These wondrous, mythical beings are celebrated for being simultaneously powerful and peaceful – who among us can honestly say they wouldn’t love to be an even combination of the two? The mimicry of  unicornism (I just made up that word)  touches everything from hair to nails to clothes and even food!

Now, what do you really think a unicorn would eat? Personally, I like to believe they feast on greens and natural substances a plenty – despite the rumor that they consume glitter…

The first time I saw “Unicorn Toast” pop up on Pinterest, I could not WAIT to recreate the magical little goody at home. While I found that there are many ways to make this tasty (and enchanting) treat, I decided to go the healthiest route possible and conjure up some fruity DIY unicorn toast!

What you’ll need:

  • Multigrain Bread
  • Organic freeze dried strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes
  • Cream cheese (vegan or not!)
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: Crumble up your freeze dried fruit and create your palette! I used about two tablespoons of cream cheese (you can use vegan cream cheese if you’d like), to one tablespoon of fruit.

Step 2: Once you have your palette completed, throw your bread in the toaster. Then, you’ll spread a light layer of plain cream cheese over your toast before applying your colors.

Step 3: Drop a dollop of each of your colored cream cheeses over the plain cream cheese.

Step 4: Using a knife, spread the different colored cheeses over the toast and used a toothpick to blend. You can even etch a pattern! The better you mix the hues the better the outcome! I threw some freeze dried fruit on top for a little extra magic. And voila!

You don’t need to consume endless amounts of sugar to eat like a unicorn. These are delicious and organic treats that are great for any meal of the day! Heading to picnic? Pile the sweet goodness onto mini buns to create a unicorn inspired dessert that is perfect for summer. The colors are gorgeous and make a simple piece of toast into a work of art.

Believe in magic, and you will find it – or eat it!


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