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The Anatomy of a Slim-Down Smoothie

With beach season coming up, more people are bound to make healthier changes in their lifestyles to sculpt up for the summer. Smoothies are hyped for a load of reasons, but its place in a healthy diet is due to the fact that these delicious drinks are packed with a lot of nutrients that fill you up and cut down the empty calories. But smoothie-making isn’t always about throwing working ingredients together in a blender; there’s a way to building the perfect smoothie and maximizing flavor and healthy calories, and today we’re sharing those secrets.

Start with your fresh goods—fruits and crisp greens. There are plenty of options for these, so choose your favorites or choose fruits and greens that go well together. Top smoothie choices are bananas, blueberries, mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, blackberries, watermelons, avocados and apples.  For greens, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, and beet greens are your options. Preparation tip: Freeze these fruits (cut them up if they are huge like bananas and lettuce) the night before making the smoothie.

Add your base. This is the liquid of your smoothie and usually measures to 1 cup. You may use water, but other selections are milk (nut, rice, coconut or dairy), iced coffee, and juices. Keep in mind that juicier fruits will add more liquid to your smoothie, so lessen your liquid accordingly.

Add a thickener to your smoothie to give it that creamy texture. Some thickeners are avocado, yogurt, nut butter, coconut meat, and ground oats.

Flavor your smoothie with 1-2 teaspoons of sweeteners like honey, dates or pure maple sugar, or spices, like cinnamon or vanilla extract. This is optional, but it does make the smoothie tastier!

For a power booster, throw in one serving of any of the following: flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp powder, protein powder, pb2 powder, or even matcha powder. These small extras will help you stay in the run longer.

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