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Tantrum Trenches

It’s about mid-morning, I’m at the supermarket, a little man, around two- or three-years old walks through the doors with his mother in tow.  She

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Homemade Avocado Hair Care

First things first. Avocados are amazing. There, I said it!  When it comes to fruits, avocados and powerfully unique. Like most fruits, avocados are rich

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Strawberry Body Butter Scrub

Recipe Shea Butter 2 ozJojoba Oil 1 tspApricot Oil 1 tspCoconut Oil 1 ozStrawberries 1 cupJasmine essential oil 2 dropsDead Sea Salt 1 cup Instructions

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Pear & Honey Facial Mask

The Benefits of Pears The nutrient dense pear is full of hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoids, both of which renders its skin nurturing effects when ingested

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